i love

installment one  ||  the downtown durham Y

downtown durham Y, i love you

because you do not judge me when i come back to you after an unexplained absence of three months and seven days.

because the woman who gives me my locker and towel tells me to have a blessed day.

because your pull-up machine makes me feel strong.

because there are so many different sizes, shapes, colors, attitudes, beliefs, goals, and abilities present in your members.

because you provide childcare that i hope to make use of when my kiddo is a bit older.

because your lifeguards say hello to me and pretend not to notice when i bonk into the lane dividers and splutter when i'm sharing a lane and trying to backstroke in a reasonably straight line.

because you are a place where my husband and i can do a streamlined version of the both hands theatre warm-up side by side and synchronized before our workout knowing that no one will care that we're dorky as hell.

because your track is where this self-described non-runner finally--after inching forward in very small increments--ran her very first mile without stopping and felt like i had just conquered my own personal mount impossible.