i want to be her

she jumps right in. no parachute. no net. no call to daddy when things go kablooey. this girl is no joke. but she is laughing all the damn time. i've seen her. when she does the crazy shit, i've seen her. when she does the daring shit, i've seen her. when she does the smart but so fucking risky shit, i've seen her. and that's all well and good. but that's not why i worship her.

it's all about the things she says. the things she says that no one else will say. the truth. you should see this girl speak the truth. she says the good things, the hard things, the hilarious things. she shocks people. with the truth. and right now you're thinking that's pretty rare, but not so very rare. you're thinking you know someone like that, too. you don't. trust me. you don't. because / this truth-speaking girl / the amazing thing about her is that she speaks the truth with love. for real.